Diesel Torque Truck

Powerbox For Trucks

More power, lower consumption with Diesel Torque’s fuel saver technology.

CalculationDiesel Torque Truck

Less Consumption, More Torque!

An effective and sustainable utilisation factor along with high performance can be achieved with our Fuel saver PowerBox. The Fuel saver PowerBox improves fuel injection, helping you to sustainably lower your running costs, giving you a huge advantage in the transport and shipping industry. Our PowerBox for Trucks can help you save and achieve more economic efficiency, which is very important in times of high and ever increasing costs. With up to 20% increased performance, gear changes are fewer and running costs are lower.

Reduced Consumption

Reduced fuel consumption can be achieved by optimised data mapping and greater efficiency. This is a real advantage when calculating your bottom line.
Our performance enhancing tuning modules are constructed from the highest quality automotive specific plastic housing and use high performance CPU’s and also come complete with OEM quality wiring harnesses guaranteeing sustainable use in even the toughest environments.