DTE-ECO Tuning


Images of smoking tyres, flames shooting out of the exhaust and power at its limits may make for exciting viewing but are not practical for high-end ECO-tuning. We use revolutionary multi-map technology in which 4-8 data maps are stored on the chip and then activated depending on the desired driving conditions.

Optimized mapping – higher efficiency + lower consumption = More driving fun!

What Is Eco-Tuning?

ECO-tuning is a data map which optimises performance, torque, emissions and fuel economy in all driving situations which leads to greater efficiency and ultimately better consumption.
With pure ECO-tuning, we focus mainly on torque in the lower rpm range as this is where greater fuel savings can be achieved. We limit the gains in power (hp/kw) as these are achieved higher up in the rev range and generally responsible for poor economy. The increase in torque allows better cruising at lower rpm, which in turn lowers consumption considerably!

Compatible With Catalytic Converters

Another advantage of our PowerBox with multi-map technology is the fact that they adhere to the legal emissions prescribed for the vehicle. Due to the optimised combustion across all performance ranges the fuel is used 100% efficiency – smoke and soot are history. Thus, the modules can be used in vehicles with catalytic converters. Compliance with emission values is confirmed by the vehicle-specific TÜV Component Certificate.

What Savings Are Possible With Eco-Tuning?

In short, saving between 10% to 30% are not uncommon, depending of course on your driving style. So the PowerBox can pay for itself quite quickly. Exactly how high the savings can be will depend on the tuning and will also vary from driver to driver, the routes they travel and their individual driving styles. The biggest single contributing factor however is the increase in torque in the lower rpm range, the drivers driving style naturally adapts to this extra low down grunt, changing gears earlier and thus saving fuel with each crankshaft revolution. For the reasons stated above, we at Diesel Torque are sceptical about exact claims as: “You’ll get an extra x km per litre”, since it will vary from a slight increase in consumption (with a very sporty driving style) up to savings of 30% with an economical driving style or a lot of urban driving.

Eco-Tuning Or Normal Tuning?

ECO-tuning should only be selected if your only aim is to save fuel. Because Diesel Torque has the luxury of its advanced multi-map technology, all our PowerBoxes and PedalBoxes are pre-loaded with a selectable ECO mode allowing you to choose whether you want to drive on the ECO mode or not. Usually you can achieve almost the same savings with our normal tuning maps, assuming you adopt an appropriate driving style of course, except then you have the added benefit of the more powerful programs to use when needed; the choice is yours!