Powerbox & Pedalbox

The Powerbox And The Pedalbox

Diesel Torque offers 2 products namely the PowerBox and the PedalBox.

The PowerBox increases engine power which results in better horsepower and torque and lower fuel consumption. The PedalBox improves throttle response which improves drivability and also helps improve consumption. They are both play and play tuning devices which are developed in Germany and can be installed separately or used together. When used together, our ” Performance Pack” (which is a combination of the PowerBox and PedalBox), offers the ultimate improvement for your vehicle and is usually available at a discounted price (please enquire).

Individual map optimization for maximum driving pleasure!

The Devices

Developing plug & play tuning devices requires lots of planning and many years of R & D. Our suppliers, DTE – Systems have perfected this art and products they produce are ergonomic in both form and function. They offer “Multi-Map Technology”, where up to 8 maps are stored on the driver’s needs. These maps are also individually adjustable by 7 stages, a 1st in the tuning industry and unique to our systems, something which No other tuning system can offer, your guarantee that you are getting the BEST!

The Perfect Tune

The tuning software and maps are all developed and tested in-house by our team of qualified automotive technicians.
Using class leading Maha dynamometers, each car is meticulously tested and measured. Once the mountain of information is gathered and deciphered, our team of software engineers painstakingly sets about developing the best and safest tuning maps for your vehicle. This method of creating tuning files is the most labour intensive and time consuming of all but we feel it’s necessary to guarantee our products remain as “Chip Tuning No.1”