Towing & Leisure

Over The Hills And Away – On The Fast Track!Plugs

More Power – More Driving Pleasure!

Sturdy, heat-resistant with OEM quality adaptor plugs

Less Consumption, More Torque!

We off the ideal PowerBox for your bakkie, SUV or motorhome. The result is that your leisure or tow vehicle has considerably more power and performance in every imaginable driving situation. With our PowerBox you can achieve greater economic efficiency and energy savings.

Multi-Map Technology

As easy to handle as only the PowerBox can be andyet as individual as a re-map of the original ECU’s software – this is what the current generation of PowerBoxes by Diesel Torque with multi-map technology can do they ensure maximum performance with minimum load. Tuning with multi-map technology means that four to eight data maps are stored in the memory and utilised depending on the desired driving conditions. This gives an optimum match of the control parameters in each performance range.